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«Judenkreis, or eternal wheel» on their own circle


On January 20, 2017, a film production of the National Film Studio of the Alexander Dovzhenko feature films took place in the Kyiv House of Cinema «Judenkreis, or eternal wheel» (1996).


The viewers met the authors of the script, Stanislav Tsalyk and Vasyl Dombrovsky, who is also the director of the film.


During the event in the context of the film program "Focus Ukraine. In the - Bukovina frame, the audience had the opportunity to talk about both the film and the spirit of this region. Despite the TV shows shown on this day, Chernivtsi's best-loved color is reproduced by the film director of the film-director Chernivtsi, which involves such actors as Konstantin Stepankov, Bogdan Stupka, Tamara Yatsenko, Svetlana Krut, Lev Perfilov ...




The "Judenkreis, or the eternal wheel" film, covers prewar time and the beginning of the Second World War. His heroes are the towns, which tell colorful stories. In them reality is intertwined with metaphors, allegories, myths and quotations. Moreover, the protagonists of the tales along with Chernivtsi are Don Juan, Lord, Adam and Eve ... In addition to the New Testament, the authors of the script turn to "Kobzar," in particular, the poems of Taras Shevchenko "Katerina".


Vasyl Dombrovsky, as noted by movie critic Vladimir Voitenko, "pays tribute to the whole continent of the Ukrainian poetic cinema". A cultural history researcher Sergey Trimbach notes is a mifopoietic style of the film.


Turning to the real and imagined worlds, a Jewish conductor, a Ukrainian servant who wants to be a singer, a Rallyan chekist, a panicking dog, policemen from among Chernivtsi and other characters of the film, each in their own way, is in the beginning of the war. And for spectators in each episode there is a chance to touch if not those passions, dreams, first love, then issues of life principles. The expressive language of the band's characters fans of "Judenkreis ..." have already been dismantled to quote: "If there is a woman, no paradise, no communism will not be", "Conductor in a brothel is a very useful work for the authorities", "It is necessary Save his life as a temporary refusal of art "... The film is an excuse to make sure: only years and" scenery "change, and the essence of man is eternal.


Now that the film "Judenkreis, or the eternal wheel" has become a classic of Ukrainian cinema, it's hard to believe that this is the debut full-length work of Vasyl Dombrovsky.


During the meeting with the audience, Stanislav Zalyk and Vasily Dombrovsky, all the material published on the film added details on the work on the picture. As the film director told, at the stage of the plot poetic cinema was taken as a basis, because such a conventional style was relevant for the 1990s. Also, the audience learned that Bogdan Stupka in this film embodied a familiar conductor from Lviv, "who has always been honest to himself." It turned out that the performer of the almost silent role of wrecker Lev Perfilov at the beginning of the filming of the film took 80 pages of text. Having become acquainted with him, the actor began to complain about a "hard destiny". In the end, the creative group spared him and agreed that this philosophical role does not necessarily require much word. Such "silent" work of the colleague is very envy of Kostya Stepankov, told the script writers of the tape. In the final of the film, the whore, in whose image the prominent actor stands, even asks the hero Lev Perfilov: "And why are you so silent?". This scene emerged as an improvisation.




Bukovynian operator Sergei Bordenyuk, who also attended the meeting with the audience, noted that he supported the idea of removing "Judenkreis ..." first of all, by Mykola Mashchenko, who made a significant impression on his debut short film by Vasyl Dombrovsky "Shirt with a stranger".


In addition to these two films, Vasil Dombrovsky's film "The Heart of the World" (2008) and "Dovzhenko Begins, or Sasha-Reformer" (2008). This film won the main prize at the XVII International Film Festival in Damascus (2009).


And Stanislav Zalyk was the author of the script of the film "Hollywood over the Dnieper. Dreams of Atlantis "(2013), which became the event of the Ukrainian documentary film of a new wave.

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