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The cinemauniverse of Yuriy Illenko and Ivan Mykolaychuk


The 80th anniversary of the birth of Y.Illenko and the 75th anniversary of I.Mikolaichuk at the Museum of theatrical, musical and cinema art of Ukraine opened the exhibition "The cinemauniverse of Yuriy Illenko and Ivan Mykolaychuk".
This is the first expanded retrospective exhibition, which combines the monuments from the Museum's funds, the archive of Y. Illenko, given by his wife, People's Artist of Ukraine Lyudmila Yefimenko, as well as the materials of the National Cinema Studio of Feature Films. O. Dovzhenko.
The exhibition demonstrates the brightest creative achievements of prominent figures in Ukrainian cinema, including the world-famous films brilliant "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors" (1965), a film-parable "Spring for the thirsty" (1965), "The evening of Midsummer" (1968), "White Bird with Black Mark "(1970)," Babylon XX "(1979), Gogol heroic folk comedy" Lost Letter "(1972), kinoepos" Legend of Princess Olga "(1983), signed" Swan lake. Zone "(1989), a monumental" Prayer for Hetman Mazepa "(2001). Films that opened Ukraine to the world and influenced the development of world cinema ...
Unique items:
  • photographs, programs, posters, sketches for films by artists V. Voitenko, A. Mamontov, M. Rakovsky, T. Levshunova, T. Lyaschuk;
  • art works and stories by Yu. Illienko;
  • costumes for films "Missing Literature", "Evening for Ivan Kupala", "Legend about Princess Olga", "Prayer for Hetman Mazepa";
  • personal belongings of director Y. Illenko, including Awards and diplomas of international film festivals;
  • documents showing the dramatic fate of his films - all this and the rest can be seen at the exhibition. 
Yuriy Illenko and Ivan Mykolaychuk, despite the fact that they were mostly created during the Soviet era of stagnation, possessed an absolute sense of truth and, with knightly victory, reproduced on the screen the spirit of the Ukrainian people, its history and traditions of the national heroic epic. Their cinemas worked on the independence of the state of Ukraine and became the property of the nation and of mankind for ages.
Address of the Museum of Theater, Music and Cinema of Ukraine: St. Lavrska, 9, building 26.
The exhibition will last until August 28, 2016.
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