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The National Cinema Company named after Alexander Dovzhenko celebrated the Day of Ukrainian Cinema


September 10 - Ukrainian Cinema Day. At the state level, the celebration turned out to be rather modest, since no one of the cinematographers is currently being awarded any orders or titles. Even the decree on awarding the State Prize named after Alexander Dovzhenko for the outstanding contribution to the development of national cinema is not signed in time.


However, the cinema community on the eve of the holiday traditionally gathered near the monument to the father of Ukrainian cinema Alexander Dovzhenko at the studio of his name.


Exhibition Hall of the Museum of the National Film Studio named after. Alexander Dovzhenko.


At the pedestal there was a basket of apples from the Dovzhenko Garden, so everyone could "eat from the tree" of him. The director general of the film studio, Oles Yanchuk, congratulated the community a little bit, noting that the war is in the state, and therefore not to the cinema. But he expressed the hope that all the resources that are now going to be defected will be thrown into culture as soon as the world reigns.


But Minister of Culture Eugene Nishchuk said that not everything is so bad. Next year about half a billion hryvnias will be allocated for filming of films, which is a record for financing the industry. "I was touched by the fact that the streets of Serafimovich in Rusanivka, where once actor Ivan Mykolaychuk lived, was given his name. So Kyiv authorities made a good compliment to the Ukrainian people, - he added. - Today we cut the tape in the place where the stone of the future monument to Ivan Mykolaychuk is laid. The same memory needs a figure of Yuriy Illenko. Thank God, a monument was recently erected on the grave of Bogdan Stupka. And in October-November there will be another monument to the artist near the Ivan Franko Theate". 


Exhibition Hall of the Museum of the National Film Studio named after. Alexander Dovzhenko.


«I was breathing this air, - the minister and the actor remembered his student years at the Dovzhenko film studio. - Watched when Roman Balayan had already come out of his office so that he could be questioned: "But you do not need young artists?" Kost Petrovich Stepankov asked me during the shooting of "Islands of Love": "And from whom you have such Blue eyes? "And I replied: from my mother. And then Stepankov noticed: thank my mom. I remember it forever».


As for the awards and honorary titles, the minister promised that by November 9 - to the Day of cultural workers, the government will remedy the situation and still award will give the rank of cinematographers.



However, it is alarming not only for the whole cinema. And also for the apple garden of Dovzhenko Film Studio. Because, according to the minister. He is urged to sell the territory of the film studio in the city center, and instead build a new place outside the capital. Will somebody press such that the minister will retreat? Nishuk promised that no: "I do not think that the Ukrainian cinema will be revived without the Dovzhenko garden".


Among the news that was heard at the meeting, it seems that the general interest will be that, as the chairman Derzhkino Philip Illenko has said, funds have already been allocated to the film "The secret diary of Simon Petliura", which will be filmed by director Oles Yanchuk at the Dovzhenko film studio.



It became known also those who will receive this year's Dovzhenko Prize - the head of the National Union of Cinematographers Sergey Trimbach called the name of the director Victor Olander. The rewards are awarded to the artist for the documentary "Konstantin Stepankov. Memories ". These are 8 series on the history of Ukrainian cinema through the prism of the personality of the great cinema actor. The presidential decree does not have yet, however, Trimbach assured, he will be signed the next day.


Taking this opportunity, Ukrinform conducted a blitz survey among cinematographers and industry leaders. They asked them to make their own TOP-five of the best Ukrainian films. Many were suddenly crazy, even feared that colleagues might be offended. However, the rating has succeeded.


Eugene Nishchuk (left) and Oles Yanchuk


Minister of Culture Yevgeniy Nyschuk: Turtle's Nest Taras Tkachenko, Olesya Sanin's Povodir, Myroslav Slaboshpitsky's "Tribe", Sergei Paradzhanov's "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors", Leonid Osyka's "Stone Cross".


Director Roman Balayan: "Shadows of forgotten ancestors" by Sergey Paradzhanov, "Land" by Alexander Dovzhenko, "Volodya the Great, Volodya the Little" by Vyacheslav Kryshtofovych, "Black Chicken or Underground" by Victor Grace, "Bumbrasch" by directors of Nikolai Raseyev And Abram Naroditsky, "The Night is Short" by Mikhail Belikov


Directed by Vyacheslav Kryshtofovich: "Land" of Dovzhenko, all films by Sergei Paradzhanov, "Biryuk" and "Kiss" by Roman Balayan, "The Night is Short" by Mikhail Belikov.



Directed by Oles Yanchuk: "Shadows of forgotten ancestors" by Sergey Paradzhanov, "White Bird with a Black Sign" by Yuri Illenko, "Stone Cross" by Leonid Osyky, "Babylon XX" by Ivan Mykolaychuk, "Flying in a dream and a dream" by Roman Balayan.


Actor Taras Zhirko: Alexander Dovzhenko's "Land", Sergei Paradzhanov's "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors", Yuri Illenko, "Paradise Birds" by Roman Balayan, "Unbreakable" Olesya Yanchuk, "Time to collect stones" Vladimir Androshchuk.


Valeriy Sardudinov, Director of a number of Ukrainian films: "Some old ones go to battle" Leonid Bykov, Anatoliy Mateshk's "Birthday bourgeois series", Yuri Illenko, "White bird with a black sign".



Head of the State Committee of Ukraine Philip Illenko: Prayer for Hetman Mazepa Yuriy Illenko, Alexander Dovzhenko's "Land", Sergei Paradzhanov's "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors", Vadim Illenko, "The Last Bunker", Leonid Oshiki.


As you can see, the spectrum was wide. Although there are tapes, which are called almost all. And in general, what films of the past years should be called "Ukrainian", and what "Soviet"? And is this division possible at all? We decided to ask Pillip Illenko about this.


"In Soviet times, the head of Derzhkino said, it was believed that Ukrainian cinema is what was done in Ukraine. But Ukrainian can only be considered to have the appropriate cultural markers. Therefore, each of the films needs to be evaluated individually, but the main criteria are a language and an attachment to cultural discourse, as well as the involvement of artists who consider themselves involved in the Ukrainian nation.


However, Soviet cinema is not subject to de-communization, because this law does not apply to it".


So those who added to the list of the best Ukrainian films and those created within the framework of the ideology of the USSR, were not mistaken. This is also Ukrainian cinema!


Liliana Fesenko, Lyudmila Ukrainka, " Ukrinform "

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